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We provide engraving for decorative and industrial applications.   From a simple engraved label plate to complex mold forms, our CNC engravers offer flexibility and precision.

CNC engraving machines we operate:

(1) Xenetech 16” x 25” with 1/4” 10K collet spindle
(1) Xenetech 12.5” x 16.5” with 1/4” 10K  collet spindle
(1) New Hermes Vanguard 9000 - 25” x 19” table, retrofitted with a 42,000 rpm spindle

Examples include:

- Machinery name plates, dials and control panels
- Custom badges for OEM equipment
- Labels for electrical contractors
- Custom plaques for donor walls
- Engraved signage

In addition, the precise nature of our CNC engraving machines allows us to use them to supplement our CNC milling and CNC routing operations.  Although limited to lighter cuts, our engraving equipment can hold tolerances down to .001”.